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Position Description:
The Junior Photographer is an entry level shipboard based position. The role of the Junior Photographer is to provide an exceptional guest experience to cruise ship guests by creating, producing, and selling photographic souvenirs that meet or exceed the company’s standards of quality. This position requires expertise in both photographic skill and the ability to interact with guests in a positive and helpful manner to enhance the perception of their experience in posing for and buying cruise photos. The Junior Photographer reports to the Photo Manager.

Essential Functions and Main Responsibilities:
• Interact in a warm, friendly, and professional manner in each and every guest encounter.
• Represent cruise line partners by adhering to their policies, procedures, and standards.
• Photograph multiple events daily as directed by the Photo Manager. Each event will have a minimum image count to achieve which will require the ability to work in a fast-paced environment and communicate clearly and concisely with guests in a friendly yet instructive manner. Events include but are not limited to Embarkation, Gangway, Dining Rooms, Casual and Formal portraits.
• Be able to consistently create quality images as directed. Be able to duplicate proper composition, exposure, and focus in multiple environments under constantly changing conditions.
• Proficient understanding of DSLR camera operation with on-camera flash or studio strobes without reliance on automatic, programmed, or TTL settings (all manually set).
• Transport studio equipment to and from different locations around the ship. Setup and break down portrait studios as directed and ensure compliance with safety standards.
• Take proper precautions to observe company policy in handling company and personal equipment to prevent accidental damage and maximize its longevity.
• At times, pose with guests in costume (i.e. Bear, Dolphin, and/or Pirate) at select photo events such as Gangway.
• Direct guest traffic towards photo opportunities and encourage participation.
• Display and organize photographic prints in the Photo Gallery as directed.
• Assist guests in locating their photos in the Photo Gallery.
• Develop and build the sales skills necessary to effectively sell cruise photos, photobooks, canvas prints, and retail photographic accessories by applying appropriate selling methodologies.
• Reinforce the guest’s positive perception of the photography experience at all events and in the Photo Gallery.
• Participate in sales, operations, and mandatory safety training programs by the cruise line as well as those given by Image.
• Keep regular communication with other teammates to maintain smooth operation of all department activities

• Quality of guest service with every guest encounter.
• Quality of all produced photographs and photographic displays.
• Adhere to all time and attendance policies.
• Maintain a professional appearance and adhere to uniform/dress code policies.
• Read, understand, and comply with all company policies and report any non-compliance.
• Maintain and enforce the Image Environmental Policy and Procedures as described in the Image Environmental Handbook.
• Compliance with all company and cruise line safety, health, and environmental policies and procedures including but not limited to SOLAS and USPH.
• Compliance with company Core Values and Mission Statement.

Additional Duties and Responsibilities:
• The Assistant Sales Manager (ASM) is responsible for all aspects of photography sales onboard the ship. Junior Photographers report and defer to the ASM in all sales issues.
• The Assistant Production Manager (APM) is responsible for the quality control of all finished photo products. Junior Photographers report and defer to the APM in all photo production issues.

Personal Characteristics – The successful Junior Photographer:
• Maintains high energy and a positive attitude for extended periods of time.
• Exhibits confidence and assertiveness in approaching guests to encourage participation in photographic events.
• Accepts constructive feedback and applies it to future situations.
• Demonstrates superior ability to interact with a diverse mix of guests and crewmembers.
• Speaks, understands, reads, and writes English at a minimum of IRL Level 3.

Organizational Relationships:
• Reports to the onboard Photo Manager for all department-related activities.
• Accountable to the Image Photo Services Brand Manager
• For onboard related safety and security issues, the onboard Revenue Manager, Hotel Manager/Director, Staff Captain, and Captain have overall authority.

Risk Management:
• Report any potential safety hazards to guests or crewmembers to the Photo Manager.
• Compliance with all Image Risk Management policies is mandatory.

Physical Demands:
• Must be able to climb stairs, lift a minimum of 12kg.
• Healthy vision sufficient to accurately gauge focus, color, and contrast.
• Healthy hearing sufficient to hear emergency announcements and alarms.

Working Conditions and Environment:
• Shipboard contracts require daily work for the duration of the contract, require 24 - hour availability, and offer limited time off.
• Shipboard staff is comprised of people from many different nations and as such require an appreciation for diversity and mutual respect for fellow crewmembers whose first language, religion, culture and traditions are different than that of the Junior Photographer.
• Shared accommodations require mutual courtesy for noise, sleep schedules, and cleanliness.

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

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