Necesito Personal Con Excelente Nivel de Ingles

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Ya envié mis datos, solo espero su respuesta. Muchas Gracias
Dear Sires: attached please find my Resume based on my capacities:

• Hard worker, reliable, capable to collaborate in a team work Company.
• Capable to order the material and the information in a methodical manner.
• Demonstrated capacity to analyze, evaluate and to incorporate changes in behalf of the Company.
• Strong analytical abilities in problem solutions.
• Capable experience to resolve differences under discussions.
• Expert in organization of events.
• Strong negotiation abilities, persuasive, persistent and resolute.
• A known executive for the capacity to create national and international contacts.
• An individual of great energy, enthusiast and reliable, prominent in competitive environments.
• Responsible in the opening of multiple offices, of their own growth and profitability.

Thanks for your time reading this e-mail.

Mi nuevo Tel. Part. Ciudad de México: 7036 4415
Xola 422-3, Col. del Valle, Deñeg. Benito Juárez, C.P. 03100

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