Project manager needed

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We hire immediately project manager for hardwood flooring company, good salary, commission from projects.
If you can handle work we give you more responsibilities and more money, steady job, small and ambitious and fast growing much focused company, big possibilities for somebody with charisma and willing to work, learn, and teach others.
Good workplace, nice people we send you for trainings, wood flooring conventions, schools.

What we expect:
7+years of experience ( to verify) doing installation, sanding and finishing oil based, water based polyurethanes, stain match, dyes, parquet installation, knowledge of stains polyurethanes, adhesives, types of installation and finishing.

If you have managed people before it is a plus or if you had you company.
You will do (not necessary all of it) estimates, make schedule for your jobs, drive around and check on jobs, sometimes stay on job help guys and explain how it needs to be done.


For further info please send you info with your CV and phone number on this email:

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