Technician Commercial Hot and Cold kitchen service

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Technician Commercial Hot and Cold kitchen service
Come and join the family of professionals who are dedicate to improving the hospitality kitchen service business. We are a start up division which is part of three company system. Our focus is to work with our customer to improve service turn-around times, and to offer strategic consulting services.

Our goal is to building credibility with our staff and customers.

We offer but not limited to hot and cold kitchen repair services, food safety inspections, training, design work, and installations.

We are looking for qualified, experience technicians that can repair hot and cold commercial kitchen equipment who CARE and take PRIDE in their work!

Competitive salary with a lot of room for growth. If your looking for an exciting new career and want to be part of a exciting team of individuals please give us a call:

Extremely competive with a lot of room for growth

Certificed Ref. with 2+ years of Experience



Other, NY area - Home base Farmingdale LI

How to apply?
If you are interested please contact:

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