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Job description
Sustainable Organic Integrated Livelihoods (SOIL) is a US based non-profit organization that has been promoting ecological sanitation in Haiti since 2006. We are currently treating over 20,000 gallons per week of human waste at composting sites in Cite Soleil and Limonade and are providing sanitation services in the form of household toilets (EkoLakay), communal toilets, and pay-for-service mobile toilets (EkoMobil). We are a small organization focused on the quality of our work and committed to developing innovative and sustainable sanitation solutions in Haiti. We are also committed to conducting rigorous research on novel sustainable sanitation technologies to be passed on to the Haitian government and private sector.

SOIL is currently seeking a full time Project Manager to support the scale up of SOIL's social business pilot for providing sustainable household sanitation in Port-au-Prince. In SOIL's simple social business design, households rent an EcoSan toilet (marketed as "EkoLakay" locally, a play on the Haitian Creole words for ecological sanitation, "EkoSan," and house, "Lakay") for $5 USD per month. Wastes from the EkoLakay toilets are collected weekly and transported to a composting waste treatment facility where they are safely transformed into nutrient-rich compost in a carefully monitored process that exceeds the World Heath Organization's standards for the safe treatment of human waste. This compost is then sold for agricultural application, improving both the fertility and water retention of soil. Revenue from monthly toilet user fees, waste treatment fees, and compost sales are collected to support ongoing project costs and to showcase the private sector potential to affordably and sustainably provide sanitation services even in the world's most impoverished and water-scarce communities.

We are looking for someone passionate about researching, designing, implementing, and improving social business models for the sustainable private-sector provision of ecological sanitation services. This effort contributes to SOIL's long-term vision of increasing access to affordable, dignified sanitation services and creating sustainable livelihood opportunities in Haiti.

We are seeking a candidate with the following qualities:
Love for Haiti
Respect for co-workers
Significant experience in social business development and business planning
Familiarity with software and technical systems for tracking bill payment, customer contact information, and other business-related needs
Ideally, experience in WASH, especially sustainable sanitation technologies
Ideally, experience with preparing reports for funders
Ideally, experience in preparing and managing budgets
Fluency in English and an aptitude or willingness to learn Haitian Creole (the primary language used within the organization)
Ability to commit to a timeframe of 1 year minimum

As EkoLakay Project Manager you will be responsible for the following:
Scaling up SOIL.'s EkoLakay social business pilot to 500+ households in Port-au-Prince. Activities to include:
Working with SOIL staff to develop the implementation strategy for the Port-au-Prince pilot
Coordinating implementation of a baseline sanitation survey within the targeted area in Port-au-Prince
Coordinating all project activities related to implementation of EkoLakay
Meeting with stakeholders including government officials, community organizations, household toilet clients, private entrepreneurs interested in sanitation, funders and partner organizations.
Attending government sanitation meetings and reporting on SOIL's household toilet project.
Designing and supervising the ongoing maintenance of a data collection system to track project operations.
Developing innovative and effective ways to manage and track bill collection.
Making small iterative improvements in the service delivery system,
Conducting training sessions for local entrepreneurs
Preparing narrative reports for funders.
Submitting weekly progress reports to the Regional Director and Executive Director, including recommendations for improving operations.

Other, 124 Church Road Sherburne NY 13460

How to apply?
Please submit a cover letter, CV, and 3 references to SOIL by email at:

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