We are looking for a Service Operator (English) Jul17

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Service Operator

Candidate requirements:
• Must be able to communicate effectively in English
• Must have knowledge of street addresses in the Bronx and Manhattan.
• Must have Dominican Cédula or permission to work in Dominican Republic.
• Must be available to work alternate work schedules.
• Must have strong customer service skills.
• Must be able to adapt with ease to rapid changes.
• Must be able to work under pressure.
• Must be able to perform repetitive work in a fast work environment.
• Must be able to work as a team at times.
• Must be able maintain a calm and professional attitude in stressful situations.

Benefits we offer:
• Starting salary RD$ 135.00 / H
• Paid training RD$ 95.00 / H
• Immediate hire
• All law benefits

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

How to apply?
To apply, please use the following button to send your resume:
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