Maintenance Control Engineer

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Maintenance Control Engineer

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Responsible for all aspects of day-to-day electrical and mechanical support of tools and equipment which includes but is not limited to, set-up, troubleshooting, preventative maintenance, projects, validation initiatives, new equipment start-up and overall process improvements. Occupational noise / wear hearing protection

Duties and responsabilities
1. Able to take direction, work with minimal supervision and interpret departmental priorities required to meet production, quality, and customer service and safety goals.
2. Be self motivated and self directed necessary to service and optimize equipment OEE.
3. Must be able to communicate and act in a processional manner with others.
4. Operate, inspect, and maintain all support equipment daily.
5. Run daily trend reports.
6. Coordinate and assist in all support equipment repairs.
7. Order parts for repairs, spare parts, related projects, and installations.
8. Assist in planning and installing new support equipment and modifications.
9. Communicate with and assist contractors with related repairs.
10. Responds to production machine breakdowns plant wide, as required.
11. Responds to support equipment breakdowns (boilers, chillers, etc.)
12. Troubleshoots and repairs all electrical and electromagnetic devices, electronic equipment, computer-operated machines, PLC’s, AC and DC drives as required.
13. Carries out preventative maintenance tasks on various equipment
14. Installs conduit and wiring for new machinery, equipment being relocated and modification projects.
15. Maintains plant conditions with computer-managed HVAC system monitors conditions and equipment.
16. On-call for weekends and holidays on rotation basis.
17. Assists in transporting machines and equipment for new installations and relocations.
18. Assists in construction projects.
19. Participates in preventative maintenance, projects, repairs, modifications, installations, etc.
20. Check troubleshooting log
21. Perform repairs as needed.
22. Record problems and corrective action taken in log
23. Respond to operator’s request for assistance.
24. Gather data from operator to troubleshoot problems.
25. Use Lockout/Tagout as needed
26. Safeguarding of equipment to prevent damage.
27. Move materials as required.
28. Maintain work area and equipment in a neat and orderly condition.
29. Follow all ISO, GMP, OSHA and plant policies and procedures.

1. Must have the ability and willingness to learn and teach others new technologies as they are introduced into the plant.
2. Additionally, this position requires a high level of energy necessary to meet the objectives of the department that may require occasional overtime and off-day work.
3. Ability to evaluate, estimate and order equipment parts and supplies for equipment and major projects.
4. Ability to coordinate work with contractors and shop personnel.
5. Ability to maintain records/logs and prioritize work.
6. Ability to coordinate related shutdown work.
7. Ability to run diagnostic tests on various types of electrical and electronic devices and make necessary repairs.
8. Ability to use several types of electrical testing meters to test voltage, current resistance, etc.
9. Ability to operate a PC.
10. Ability to program, troubleshoot and replace machine-operated computers and related components.
11. Ability to use hand tools proficiently
12. Ability to install conduit and wiring.
13. Ability to drive forklift.
14. Ability to work from ladders.
15. Ability to troubleshoot, remove and replace AC and DC motors.
16. Ability to test, remove, and install motor drives, and convert various types of drives and motors.
17. This Engineer will be responsible for daily observation to ensure that all equipment stays online and for scheduled PM.
18. There are many monument pieces of capital equipment that are PLC (PROGRAMABLE LOGIC CONTROLLER) driven. A controls engineer has been trained in the software required to interface with these machines and link them up in our process. This will be critical when we are setting up equipment at startup
A High School Diploma or GED is required and three years of electrical experience and one year of mechanical experience in an industrial environment.
Occupational noise / wear hearing protection
Hazardous energy / follow proper machine lockout procedures and use of certified electrical PPE, including electrical safety mats, rubber gloves,
Material handling - contusion / wear safety footwear rated for impact and compression per applicable JSA’s
Material handling - strain / use proper lifting techniques and utilize material handling devices per applicable JSA’s
Cutting devices / use safety cutters to open boxes and cut tape or strapping and cut away from body
Cutting devices / use tube cutters only to cut tubes and keep non-cutting hand clear
Handling chemical products / wear prescribed personal protective equipment

• Nivel académico de Grado, Postgrado, Máster
• 5 ó más años de experiencia
• Inglés: lee y conversa con cierta fluidez
• Requiere residencia actual en República Dominicana
• Currículum con foto

• 50 años edad máxima

Indefinido / Fijo




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