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Good Neighbors International is a humanitarian non-governmental organization, whose mission is to improve the lives of others, primarily those of children, through education, community development, health services, sanitation, and disaster relief projects. Good Neighbors International was founded in Seoul, Korea in 1991 with the sole purpose of giving disadvantaged children a glimmer of hope. Currently, 3,263 professional staff and 20,622 volunteers--ranging from doctors and nurses to engineers and professors-- work in 30 Field Countries supporting approximately 16.8 million people, including 15 million children. We fundraise and network with other organizations through offices in the USA, Korea, Japan, and Switzerland.
Good Neighbors Dominican Republic Head Office opened its doors in January 2012, establishing three (3) Community Development Projects (CDPs) since, with plans for a fourth one in 2014. Good Neighbors Dominican Republic is working for children, along with valuable and necessary sustainable community development.

SSD Assistant - Head Office

Area principal
Trabajo Social

Santo Domingo

República Dominicana

General description:
The Sponsorship Services Department (SSD) is responsible for overseeing all things related to the primary focus of the programs of our community centers, which is our Sponsored Children. Serves as liaison between the Sponsor and the child. Creates programs and projects to benefit the children of the community. Manages all information concerning data taken from each sponsored child. The HO SSD Staff’s main duty is to monitor and evaluate, as well as assist CDP staff’s work. HO offers assistance and guidance to CDP staff at all times, in any and every need however, HO staff mainly receives plans, reports, requests, among others, submitted by CDP staff for evaluation and approval. SSD HO staff duties include:
Manage children data by use of CMS (Child Management System) software and provide proper training to the staff that is responsible for the Child Sponsorship Program in each CDP. Update data as required.
Organize and supervise CIF, APR & ACL activities, along with CDP staff.
Translate documents, such as sponsor’s letters, child’s reply and annual report (APR, ACL), exchanged between the support country and field country and send them to the IHQ
Send the Gift Money collected in the support country as soon as possible. Guide and cross-check the delivery of Gift Money and Reply Letter.
Collect Special Cases data from CDP, for evaluation, following proper submission procedure from CDP staff.
Arrange and supervise, along with CDP staff, House Visiting interviews for children and their families.
Communicate constantly with CDP officers about SSD issues, activities, plans and reports.
Plan and deliver Child Sponsorship activities in a timely manner.
Make a report of each Child Sponsorship related activity in a timely manner.
Monitor and evaluate plans and reports submitted by CDP staff in a timely manner.
Other duties assigned by SSD Manager.

Age 20-40.
Respect for human dignity & honesty.
Respect for children as valuable human beings.
Strong understanding of the Dominican Republic social, economic environment and children’s rights.
Good understanding of Child Sponsorship and community development.
High level and compelling Communication & Writing skills in English and Spanish.
Full computer literacy (MS word, Excel, Power Point, internet tools, email, etc.)
Data entry experience is preferred.
Budget planning experience is preferred.
Able to drive locally and nationally, with concern for safety at all times. Ability to travel nationally when required and make occasional overnight stays if necessary. Valid driver’s license is required.
Positive and helpful attitude, along with willingness and dedication to continually learn and grow.

Nivel académico de Estudiante Universitario
1 ó más años de experiencia
Inglés: dominio del idioma (nativo ó 2do. idioma)
Requiere residencia actual en República Dominicana

20 a 40 años de edad

Indefinido / Fijo


8:30AM-5:30PM, M-F

TBD at time of interview

TBD at time of interview
Fixed one (1) year contract with a first three (3) month Probation Period based on job performance. After one year, possible to renew.

Deadline: 10th of January, 2014
Only ed interviewees will be contacted by Email. Although we appreciate all of who may show interest in our posted vacancy, only CVs sent in English will be considered and proficiency level WILL be evaluated at time of interview.
Indicating the email subject as Apply for SSD Assistant-HO, Please send English CV and English cover letter to:

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