Empleo Encargada Administrativa Bilingue

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Job position
Encargada Administrativa Bilingüe

The Director of an Apostolate is expected to be familiar with the Missions Statement and Aspirations, its Policies and Procedures, its Spirituality as well as the Goals and Vision of the Board of Directors . He/she is to be guided accordingly in the execution of his/her duties. These duties and responsibilities are extensive and include all aspects of managerial functions that are normally expected of an individual in a senior position within an organization.
Professionalism, Integrity, Commitment and Care are characteristics that exemplify this office holder.
The areas identified hereunder do not encompass every detail of responsibility and thus are not limited to same.
1. Develop and in-depth knowledge for the field of activity of the particular Apostolate and be clear on the requirements and expectations of the MSC Executive Committee and Board of Directors.
2. Plan and implement operational and developmental programs and procedures for the Apostolate, its staff and all related projects. Develop and encourage team leadership. Lead the staff to adapt in an ever changing and increasingly challenging long term care environment
3. As a member of the Management Committee (in absence), regular reports are to be made, communication and exchange of information among Manager must be clear and you must keep informed of all reports, memos, documentation or information as it relates to the organization.
4. In the spirit of professionalism, all sensitive information is to be kept confidential all decisions taken at Management of directives issued from the Board are to be positively supported (regardless of personal views/differences).
5. An annual budget for income and expenditure is to be prepared, Income Generating Projects are to be planned and all finances managed prudently. The Executive will indicate the parameters of financial independence and it is expected that there be transparency and integrity in all matters.
6. The property, its contents, the residents and the staff are all ultimately the general responsibility of the Director. As such, emergency contact procedures must be in place and a visible sense of commitment shown.
7. Ensure that the highest standards of quality care are provided, with a focus on a healthy balanced lifestyle filled with Christian values and principles. It is important that this lifestyle is also reflected in the staff and especially in oneself.
8. Communicate with external agencies and other professionals in associated fields and represent MSC on related matters when required.
9. Ensure that MSC spirituality is practice first by self, staff and all children based on their capability.
10. Ensure that children’s well being is always priority (spiritual, emotional, educational, physical and health wise).
11. Foster meaningful relationship with benefactors, other non-profit organization. Strengthen the facility image through community visibility. Become actively involved in community groups and civic organizations
12. Enhance the reputation of the facility while improving quality and implementing up to date childcare programs and services.
13. Initiate a strategic planning process for the facility. Bring a vision that will help strengthen the organization.
14. Encourage and broaden the volunteer program.
And any other duties necessary for the smooth operation of Hogar Belen

Seven to five years’ experience with leadership roles in a long-term care setting including Administrative experiences.
Strong communication and listening skills with the ability to motivate others. Capability to create alignment and promote collaboration with businesses nationally and internationally.
Active involvements in the long term care industry and related professional organizations. Firm understanding of legislative and regulatory issues affecting long-term care.
Proven operational excellence, strong financial capabilities, including budgeting and reimbursement.
Experience working with a Board of Directors and community leaders.
Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
A poised confident professional with high standards for honesty and integrity.
Dedicated to maintaining a positive balance between personal and professional commitments and accomplishments for all employees.
An accessible leader and mentor with a good sense of humor.
A leader that consistently sets the example of expectation by being a part of the team and rolling up their sleeves
A bachelor degree
Bilingual English/Spanish
This position is offered only to candidates living in Puerto Plata and its ¨Municipios¨
Disponibilidad a laborar en horarios extendidos, fines de semanas y días feriados
Nivel académico de Diplomado, Licenciatura
5 o más años de experiencia
Inglés: dominio del idioma (nativo ó 2do. idioma)
Requiere residencia actual en República Dominicana
Currículum con foto
Mujer (Preferible)
26 a 45 años de edad (Preferible)

Tipo de contrato

Entre RD$25,000 a RD$30,000 mensual

Beneficios de Ley

Área de trabajo
Trabajo Social

Puerto Plata

República Dominicana

Cómo aplicar?
1. Colocar en el asunto del correo: Encargada Administrativa Bilingüe
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