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You will take a very hands-on role in a small team that must pull together to deliver a wide range of services, often under considerable pressure.
Your time will be spent cooking to ensure that every student is provided with plenty of good, varied food and that the cupboards are always fully stocked. As a representative of Gap Medics, you must be confident and highly professional.
The Caterer is also a very important part of the customer-facing team, not to be confused with a behind-the-scenes cook. It is important that our students see the Caterer as someone they can trust; they feel they know and can ask for help and support. As the Caterer is normally around the kitchen and social areas, he or she is likely to have a great deal of contact with students at the house.
The Caterer will also be responsible for budget and accounts preparation for all spending of catering budgets. You will also be responsible for presenting weekly meal plans to the Programme Manager, which must include vegetarian options.
Being around the kitchen and social areas much of the day, the Caterer has an important role in general student supervision.
The Caterer is also likely to job-share with the Housekeeper (because both are based at the house and have peak work loads at different times).

More than anything, we are looking for candidates with the personality, confidence and ambition to fit this role. We believe the right person for this role with have:
• Experience of professional catering with proven ability to lead food preparation for groups of up to 40 people;
• An obvious passion for food with creative ideas for making our food interesting, varied and delicious!
• Very friendly personality;
• Reasonable (ideally fluent) spoken English;
• Careful and professional approach to handling budgets and accounting for spending;
• Trustworthy and loyal, with excellent references from previous employers.
Salary will be discussed at the interview stage and will depend on skills and experience.
The Caterer must be willing to work split shifts and plan his or her own time around the needs of the programme. For example, the Caterer may begin at 6am to prepare breakfast and not finish dinner service until 8pm, but this does not mean working a solid 14-hour day! Rather, it should be possible to take a few hours off during the day, returning for duty when necessary.

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