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Job Purpose
The incumbent performs software development activities of various projects with identified project and company goals in the fastest time, optimized efficiency, maximized output, robustness, scalability, portability, and endurance of the product and/or service.

Essential Functions and Responsibilities
(Includes the following. Other duties may be assigned.)

Software Development

Development of web projects and possible offline counterparts.
Implementation of core and feature specifications for projects.
Use Agile development methodologies.

Other Duties and Tasks
* Emergency system support and administration tasks.

Knowledge and Skills
* Possesses a strong understanding of critical thinking and analysis and advanced problem-solving skills, and takes the initiative in following up on tasks.
* Excellent communicator.
* Excellent command of the Spanish and English languages.
* Bonus skills: UNIX-like operating system administration, network administration, and database administration.

Specific Skills
* Python, including babel, Behave, Docutils, reStructuredText, Flask, logtools, pip, pygit2, pylint, and virtualenv following PEP-8 guidelines;
* Source code management using git;
* celery, rabbitMQ, beanstalkd;
* Unit testing using Jenkins;
* uWSGI and nginx;
* PostgreSQL;
* MVC software engineering

You don t need to know everything on the list, but experience using said technologies is a plus.

Education and Experience
Minimum of three (3) years in a software development position. Formal mathematics or computer science education is a bonus. However, incumbent must demonstrate strong problem-solving skills.

* Strong attention to detail.
* Team player.
* Self-organized.
* Positive attitude.
* Takes initiative.
* Professional.
* Fast learner.
* Requires little supervision.
* Trustworthy.
* Punctual and responsible.

Working Conditions and Environment
Occasionally, overtime will be required due to deadlines or project emergencies. There's a required minimum work time of 40 hours a week. Work days are from Monday to Friday. Employees may enter from 08:00 to 10:00 as long as eight (8) hours of work are completed that day (breaks, including lunch break not included).

between RD$40,000 - $180,000 (depending on experience and skillset).

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

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