Vacante Project Management Specialist (ID)

26 May 2014 09:52 #6626 por recruiter
Basic Functions

The primary purpose of the Inclusive Development Advisor position is to provide highly
qualified policy and technical advice to USAID/Dominican Republic (the Mission) to
mainstream inclusive practices across the Mission’s development programs and ensure
compliance with Agency and Mission-specific policies and requirements related to gender
equality and female empowerment; people with disabilities (PWD); lesbian, gay, bisexual,
and transgendered (LGBT) people; and other vulnerable populations identified by the
Mission or Agency. The position will also identify opportunities and manage dedicated
projects that promote the rights of these marginalized groups. The position will be located
in the Mission’s Program Office, but will require close collaboration with staff from all
sectors and offices in order to ensure inclusive development principles and findings of
related analyses are integrated throughout the Program Cycle in Mission strategies,
projects, practices, and policies.

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