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Dept. Human Management

Very politely, I express my cordial and fraternal greetings, embracing with great interest the privilege of attention given to this.
The reason for this letter is as follows: in my aspirations to excel I consider very seriously the continued progress, therefore I have valued my early experience in the labor sector in different areas, as well as knowledge of how the corporate bureaucracy works, and with the highest professional ethics to be applied.
Throughout my experience in the labor productive world I've always got to be among the "Top Ten" of the companies in which I have ventured, and to achieve management skills has been helpful to them.
I would like to join your team, demonstrating the usefulness and quality of the work that I will represent.
I'm sure I can successfully perform the job or position within the company because I consider a goal and a renewal of my professional career, confident in my training and capacity.
Annex I leave my resume, so that in the light of their knowledge, the same can be evaluated according to the criteria of my profile.
Finally, I express my willingness to answer any queries or suggestions you may have.
With feeling of consideration and high esteem, and waiting for his answer, hoping that this is welcomed,

Very deferentially,

Leonardo Martinez,

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