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Job Position
Instructional Coordinator

Job Description
Facilitate the constant revision and improvement of school curriculum through observation, professional development and data analysis of student progress and mastery.
Assist all instructors in designing and reviewing their curriculum regularly to include Expeditionary Learning practices and Biblical Integration
Assist expedition guide teachers in creating well-integrated and relevant learning expeditions
Review ODED logistics and teacher plans with Expedition Specialist
Connect with teachers on an individual basis to monitor student progress and standard mastery
School-wide data analysis of Work Plan goals and standardized testing
Continually evaluate and revise the Work Plan together with Vice Principals and School Director
Schedule classroom observation times and follow ups for each instructor
Ensure that grade level team meetings are occurring on a regular basis, review meeting minutes and assist in any needed follow-up
Maintain open communication with Vice Principals and School Director regarding teacher needs and overall morale
Conduct an annual textbook review and purchase needed resources
Together with the Vice Principals, coordinate and prepare dynamic Professional Developments for the instructional staff (depending on focus) as well as print needed certificates for the PDs to give to staff
Together with the Vice Principals, plan the Professional Development for All Staff Orientation as well as the Instructional portion of New Staff Orientation
Together with Vice Principals, prepare and update the contents of Staff Notebooks
Manage the purchasing, scheduling and proctoring of the standardized testing that takes place in the spring
Give the entrance exam to incoming students and form a recommendation for overall admission as well as grade level placement
Supervise all student teachers
Maintain an up-to-date teacher “Wish List” to provide to the Service Learning Team Supervisor to pass along to teams
Organize and maintain a system for checking things in and out of the resource lab
Oversee the “Teacher Mentor Program”
Review weekly lesson plans submitted by elementary teaching staff
Plan academic events ie. Math Madness
Be available for possible substitute teaching if needed
Ensure an up-to-date “Wish List” to be provided to inquiring sponsors, donors and Service Learning teams

Company name
Doulos Discovery School

Company activity

Difference between Vice Principal and Coordinator of Methods and Curriculum

Coordinator of Methods and Curriculum
Observations are specific to lesson plan components, assessments, implementation of Expeditionary Learning and biblical integration (effectiveness), student progress and mastery, data analysis related to any of the above.
Information will be used to continuously revise curriculum and ensure student mastery of grade level performance.

Observations are specific to best practices, classroom management, student engagement, the use of student assessments throughout lessons (formative) and time management
Information is used to coach teachers in the above areas and ensure quality instruction occurs on a daily basis

Expectations for all DDS staff
Carry and conduct yourself in a manner consistent with DDS beliefs
Be present, professional and punctual for all required staff meetings and school events (ie: business meetings, Expedition nights, etc.)
Be flexible and respond in grace when unforeseen situation require your assistance
Keep up-to-date credentials
Actively assist the school in preserving its accreditation
Maintain a clean and organized workspace

Love for Jesus and a desire to grow and be stretched while loving on kids and their families
Teaching positions require a degree in Education and teaching certification required
Positions are responsible for raising support of approximately $1,000-$1,500 USD/month
Some positions may require Spanish proficiency

Santo Domingo

Dominican Republic

How to apply?
If you are interested or if you have questions, please email Mike Zweber (Executive Director) at:
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les envie un correo gracias por leer mi curriculum
el curriculum mio esta en el correo que enviie

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