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Job position
Media Specialist

Job Description
Coordinate all media used at Doulos to communicate our mission, vision and current happenings.

includes, but is not limited to:

Update and maintain the Doulos website code, marketing, and content:
Increase exposure to a relevant audience (increase traffic).
Increase conversions (increase donations, job applications, contacts).
Improve Spanish-language experience for Dominicans.
Post regular Blog updates.
Seek suggestions and content from directors and other administrators about website.

Print & Written Media
Collaborate to design and produce all appropriate print materials:
Create Doulos email newsletters and maintain lists of newsletter contacts.
Increase the number of people who subscribe to our newsletter.
Keep newsletter recipients engaged and responding (clicking, calling, sharing, praying).
Serve as campus graphic designer for all departments and staff.
Oversee the printing and finishing of materials.

Social Media
Update and maintain all Doulos social media and Doulos’ social media presence:
Increase the reach of our social media audience.
Increase frequency of Social Media posts.
Increase engagement (clicks, sharing, praying) of social media audience.
Encourage staff to participate in Doulos social media.

Videos & Photos
Capture photos and videos, editing and production at Doulos:
Share Doulos current events through all media channels (web, social, email, local tv).
Create Bilingual media to promote the Doulos Mission and Vision.
Maintain a backup of Doulos media for future use.
Produce videos for all departments.
Capture photos on campus for all campus-wide events.
Assist staff in using media in their roles (Admin, Sponsorship, Work Teams, Teachers, etc).

Coordinate and assist the use of all forms of media by staff and students:
Maintain a plan to ensure the school’s ongoing audio and video needs are being met.
Help teachers effectively integrate media into their classrooms (input and output).
Assist with substitute teaching, devotionals, and electives as needed.
Transition self initiated projects to the appropriate person on staff.

Expectations for all DDS staff
Carry and conduct yourself in a manner consistent with DDS beliefs
Be present, professional and punctual for all required staff meetings and school events (ie: business meetings, Expedition nights, etc.)
Be flexible and respond in grace when unforeseen situation require your assistance
Keep up-to-date credentials
Actively assist the school in preserving its accreditation
Maintain a clean and organized workspace

Love for Jesus and a desire to grow and be stretched while loving on kids and their families
Teaching positions require a degree in Education and teaching certification required
Positions are responsible for raising support of approximately $1,000-$1,500 USD/month
Some positions may require Spanish proficiency

Institution name
Doulos Discovery School

Institution activity

Santo Domingo

Dominican Republic

How to apply?
If you are interested or if you have questions, please email Mike Zweber (Executive Director) at:
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