Se buscan Vendedores de Web Hosting por Comision

25 Abr 2016 16:36 - 26 Abr 2016 08:26 #25370 por recruiter
Se buscan Vendedores de servicios de Web Hosting (Sin salario fijo, para ganar por comisiones). El vendedor puede trabajar desde su casa y debe tener un conocimiento básico del idioma ingles ya que la plataforma de afiliación y toda la documentación esta en inglés.

Puesto vacante
Vendedor de Web Hosting

Funciones del puesto
Responsable de vender servicios de alojamiento web (Web Hosting, Cloud VPS Hosting, Dedicated Servers)

Requisitos del puesto
Conocimiento básico del idioma ingles (La plataforma de afiliación y toda la documentación esta en inglés)
Conocimiento básico de alojamiento web (Preferible, no indispensable)
Tener habilidades técnicas y de mercadeo (Preferible, no indispensable)
Tener una cuenta de PayPal (Para recibir los pagos)

Por comisión "El que no vende no cobra"
US$50 por venta (5 ventas o menos)
US$75 por venta (6-10 ventas)
US$100 por venta (11-20 ventas)
US$125 por venta (20 ventas o más)

Commissions are paid when:
There is a successful purchase of one of the following products by customers, referred to FastComet site by an affiliate link: Shared hosting packages; VPS/CLOUD hosting packages or Dedicated servers.
The purchase has not been void, cancelled or revoked/refunded within a 45-days period by the customer or by us and the account is active at the time of the payout.
All commissions, presented and paid, are in USD.
There is a minimum payout commission of $60, which needs to be reached by affiliates before any transfer to their PayPal account can take place, exclusive of any sign up bonus amount.
Commission levels are developed in a manner of fair motivation, created by the company for the affiliates in order to constantly maintain success. Affiliates are entitled to join the Default level upon sign up and throughout the month they can use all legal sources to enhance their performance and reach higher commission levels. Commission levels are: Default, Level 1 and Level 2. At the beginning of each month, these levels are reset so that affiliates are added automatically to the Default level, unless validity period is exclusively determined other way by FastComet in an additional agreement.
Moving from one commission level to another can be done only within one campaign. All commissions are manually approved and are paid to affiliates upon payout request when the minimum required amount is reached.
Commissions are paid on a unique purchase made by a new customer and not on existing customer or a subsequent renewal order. Only commissions with status APPROVED are paid to the affiliate and FastComet is the sole instance of approval.
Payment Form - commissions can be paid only through PayPal.
For payments to be made through PayPal, you must provide us with your the necessary information upon sign up.

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