Radio Network Planning and Optimization Senior Engineer

21 Ago 2013 14:52 - 27 Ago 2013 11:14 #2704 por recruiter
recruiter Publicó: Radio Network Planning and Optimization Senior Engineer
• Over 5 years of experience in GSM, UMTS or CDMA projects.
• Experienced in wireless network planning (site design, audit, simulation, link budget, cell planning, parameter design, site survey, model tuning, Etc.)
• Experienced in wireless network optimization (Drive test, site RF tuning and performance & parameter optimization, site delivery, trouble shooting, Etc.)

Engineers General Requirements:
• Degree in Telecommunications Engineering or related fields.
• Minimum of 3 years of experience in telecommunication.
• Very good communication skills in both, Spanish and English.
• Overtime availability.
• Organized, proactive, responsible, communicative, able to work under pressure.
• Team player with self-learning skills.
• Availability to work outside Santo Domingo (Applies for DataComm and Microwave Engineers)

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