SEO Specialist Job Position

04 Ago 2015 09:53 #19319 por recruiter
Job Position
SEO Specialist

Description (what codemera is looking for)
Codemera is looking for a Seo dude or dudette to join codemera team in some exciting projects.

Requirements (What codemera is expecting from you)
Codemera would love to work with someone that possesses the following qualifications:
Good understanding of the search engine
Experience conducting SEO site audits
Ability to conduct and analyze keyword research
Ability to analyze backlinks
Ability to prioritize on-site and off-site activities for maximum SEO impact
Identifying and analyzing competitor techniques
Good English writing
Strong analytic skills and ability to relate results to client business objectives
Google Analytics certification

Santo Domingo

Dominican Republic

How to apply?
1. Put in the email subject: - SEO Specialist
2. Send an email to:
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